I love dancing and clothes

I’m 19, a hip-hop dancer living in Bristol in desperate need to justify spending money on clothes, taking photos and write about my training. I pretty much only shop in charity shops and find the sickest clothes with masses of patience and spending hardly any money, Bristol’s good for that.

I’ve recently started studying dance at a Uni in Bristol. I’m a hip-hop/commercial dancer. Hip-hop steers completely away from the standard musical theatre stigma; the bitchy, competitive and superficial side of dance. Hip-hop originated from black-Americans dancing socially (Soul Train) making this style freeing and community-based. Basically anything goes and it diminishes any form of discrimination. Fully-understanding how vital it is to have the foundation of dance (ballet, tap, jazz etc), I applied and thankfully found a house within the week to move into the next Thursday and begin my new adventure I had been pining for for so long.I originate in the country-side, a little town called Stroud where I became claustrophobic and bored to death of by the age of 16. I’ve moved about 14 times, schools and colleges probably somewhere around 7, I love change, new places and meeting new people.

I’m a Virgo, a perfectionist and want to make a mark on the world.

I love shopping and need a way to justify buying clothes from charity shops around Bristol and styling them in unique ways and this is it.

I love loud music, food and funny people.


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