Crucial Stretching Tips

Thought I’d do what it says on the tin and actually write about dance. I also haven’t mentioned I’m on half-term, so more dance-y stuff will come.

Pain is not progress, it’s pushing your body too far.

  1. Warm-up BEFORE you stretch. You’re at a much higher risk of pulling muscles. Warm-ups are crucial as warming-up dilates your blood vessels, ensuring that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen. You’re body will also rise in temperature ensuring your body is at it highest flexibility and efficiency.
  2. Stretch every single day and for consistent amounts of time. Hold each stretch for around 10-30 seconds, then repeat.
  3. Start slow and stretch gently, never reach the point of feeling pain. NEVER bounce in a stretch.
  4. Breath out, into the stretch. As you lean further and push your muscles harder, breath out slowly. When you exhale the muscles relax, allowing you to take the stretch further. Never hold your breath.
  5. A lot of dancers use friends to help you stretch to the optimum, they can push legs, torso’ s etc. but remember never stretch to the point of pain. Also remember the friend won’t feel the pain you feel so stretch slowly and communicate.

Stick to these to avoid injury and reach the optimum stretch.

If you notice something’s missing, comment and let me know!


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