Why I began writing

A while back, probably only 3 years ago, I began a young-toned, fairly naive blog about beauty, fashion, my perspective of the world and other things relevant to my age-group. Like many things in my life I couldn’t find the motivation to carry on which is understandable when you’ve just been dumped out of the education system into a pool of unemployed, panicked teenagers all trying to find ‘themselves’, earn money and blend in.

I’ve started again to find a positive way of channelling my energies and creativity, alongside dance. I want to paint a realistic picture, mostly for myself, of my mind and all the things I experience around me as a student, dancer and as a creative thinker. Things are easier to decipher when they’re laid out in black and white and with a mind as active as mine, they need to be kept that way.

My posts will always be different. Either fashion, dance, mental health or general thoughts I have on a daily basis.

I love loud music, food and funny people.


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