A day down Gloucester Road in – Bristol

The aim of the day was to scope out sick clothes in charity shops.

I wanted to write down prices and take photos of the charity shops we found the clothes in, in attempt to prove to everyone you can get the same stuff you buy in department/vintage stores whilst donating to charity, for a fraction of the price. It was an off day and we found virtually nothing but these things happen, maybe next time.

More pictures of street art/the harbour side/the market/outfit-breakdowns will be on future posts.

We took a walk down Gloucester Road to try and take photos of the best places to eat/shop, places we wanted to go (but can’t afford) and sick street art. I think I can safely say it was one of the most stressful days of our lives.

With a massive sports bag full of unnecessary shit, empty stomachs and a ridiculously expensive camera that didn’t belong to us, I don’t know what we were thinking.

Anyway we ended the day sat on grass in the sunshine with a few photos, and we laughed a couple of times so it was partially successful.


We walked from the top of Gloucester Road into town and near the water-side and documented as best we could:

  1. TENOVUS (at the top of Glos Road) is usually where I find a-lot of the clothes I buy, but not the one day I want photo evidence. We found Tommy jeans for £7 though:


2.        THE BRISTOL FLYER (and Cider Press)


The food in the Bristol Flyer is incredible, around £11 each for food and a pint. I haven’t eaten in Cider Press but I hear rumours they sell wings for 25p on Tuesdays? Might have to double check that one first.



3. Cats Protection is usually really good, but it was a busy Saturday afternoon, probably the worst time you could go.


Me trying my best to look natural



4. BTP – Boston Tea Party

There are two on Gloucester Road. The décor is earthy and they have a boxing rabbit painted outside. We haven’t eaten there but have been recommend to by so many people. I also didn’t know what half to food on the menu was, I’m happy with basics.


4. My Favourite Shop in Bristol – Repsycho



I can’t even describe how many sick clothes are in there. You have to go look for yourself.


If you ever need a cheap filling place to eat, this is it. Don’t be fooled by it’s rough and dirty exterior, it may look like the local Weather-spoons (Lordy), I could literally live off their chicken burgers that cost something like £7 with a pint.


5. SHELTER is usually good. We found some Levis, Nike, Yves Saint Laurent and Boss. Couldn’t of amounted to more than £25 (also, I apologize for awful photos [I do not apologize for Jakes efforts in posing])


5. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting this ray of sunshine.

Whilst waiting for the bus and also waiting for me to get a decent shot of Turtle Bay (an overpriced but really nice Caribbean Bar next to Don Majors), we met this man who greeted us with ‘Take one of me!’. From then he grabbed hold of Jake whilst muttering something about ‘how they do it in New York’, no idea.


6. Don Majors (written about here also)

We didn’t go in, or get the best shot, but this is what it looks like (the tiny yellow one):

I don’t know if you can see but the girl on the left is wearing a silk red puff and red embroidered trackies, and she looked cool as shit.

7.    I love fish and chips and feel like Soul Fish is for me, has anyone ever been?

8. Or here?



I was supposed to save graffiti etc. for the next blog post I write but I had to include them in here along with our guilty pleasure BLUE MOUTAIN and THE MASSAGE CLUB.


  • BLUE MOUNTAIN (the scattiest club in Bristol that we went through a stage of visiting 3 times a week)
  • ‘THE MASSAGE CLUB’ (a known brothel)
  • Meat Liquor, a restraint. Whilst waiting in a queue at Lakota a friend Josh and me borrowed their toilets and they have marker pens on the walls to add to the art. Although they played loud heavy metal and I felt slightly uncomfortable…
  • LAKOTA (another scatty one)

We ended the day exhausted and happy to be home.



All other photos will be on another post in a couple of days, along with the water front and market-place x



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