Mia Ashcroft


I have thousands of questions that no one can answer, which frustrates me on a daily basis.

I question and over-think everything, to be inquisitive is a quality, but for me it’s slightly excessive. I love music, clothes and people.

I have an amazing family and am very lucky to have them. I’ll write about them one day.

I’m not brilliant with money, I’m always skint and usually tired.

I’m driven by personal success but give things up really quickly if I don’t see immediate results.


I grew up in Stroud, a small hippy town. This article is perfect; Stroud, who wants to be stared at by a bunch of inbreds?. As much as I slag it off, I’d like to bring children up there. It’s full of markets, amazing foods and the views are unbeatable.


I love shirts, big t-shirts and trainers. Anything baggy that doesn’t cling to my body. I own a lot of hats.


I spend most of my time worrying. When I’m anxious I’m quiet and keep myself to myself but it’s been known people get the impression I dislike them, it’s not that I promise. I 100% have “a resting bitch-face”.

I love psychological dramas and stoner comedies (Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill etc). Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart are favourites too.

I was bullied through childhood for being thin but I eat like a horse. I eat and eat and eat. I grew up being asked if I eat enough or asked if I want feeding but I have high-metabolism. No-one would ask if an obese person if they at too much or as why they are so fat so why should a thin person? Anyway, I don’t care about that anymore, no body is perfect and I’m happy with who I am now.

I plan to dance around the world before settling and becoming a practitioner/teacher.


Music has to be in my top 3 things in the world. I got into music properly at around 14 when I discovered dubstep ; Cookie Monster – Ginger Pubes and  Caspa and Rusko – Custard Chuckers are two that stand out, embarrassingly. From Dubstep I kind of got into Grime; Kozzie – YEAH, whilst also discovering Devilman etc. Around this time I also uncovered my love for UK Hip-hop; High Focus Inc Fliptrix, The Four Owls, Jam Baxter, etc. Dubstep got me into liquid drum and bass and from there came Jump-up. Jump-up was my favourite genre for years alongside Bassline (that link’s slightly housey) whereas now I’ve steered much more into hip-hop and back to liquid drum and bass. I also still love old-skool Rnb (R.kelly, Cassie and the obvious Sean Paul). So my music taste is broad.

My favourite artists at the moment are Jorja Smith who is going to blow up soon, and Dabbla. (LISTEN TO JORJA SMITH)


I want to formally study Psychology at some point in my life to look at becoming a Dance Movement Psychologist to help the elderly, disabled etc, through dance. I’m going to try Interior Design at some point too, I want a bar/club for underground music (bit ambitious I know).

I have mint-sauce on everything and my favourite colour is Dark Green.

Love Motion, design and roast dinners.




2 thoughts on “Mia Ashcroft

  1. Nick says:

    Hey,beautiful its nick.u OK? stuffs lookin good.u happy.? I GOTTA FUCKIN DOG¡¡! oh mia she’s perfect! called her Kiki. I tried texting fotos so when u turn yr fines on there’s a lush pic. .yeah,I left messages.I my be in brist soon,if I am I’ll let u know so we can meet up huh? I love you girl,night X Y Z


    1. Mia says:

      Nick!! what bread?! Love Kiki, is she as good as tink? Yes please do let me know if ur in bris, have you got my right number? Love you so much and miss you xxxx


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