Homelessness Awareness

My beautiful sister wrote a status the other day that massively inspired me:

I met a homeless ma today, Daniel. I sat down next to him to ask how he was and he told me that his tent had been vandalized so he no longer had a safe space to sleep or call his own and because of this he hadn’t slept for 2 days. We chatted for a while about life and every-day things and then he told me that I’d made his day. But really I am the one who’s day has been made. That’s because people like Daniel give me strength. It puts your life into perspective hearing a mans story of surviving day to day when my biggest worry is what amount of money I have left after bills. If anything we’re all privileged to even HAVE bills as it means a roof over our heads and running water. I’ve worked with the homeless and stop and chat to everyone I see sleeping rough, as I know someone taking the time to chat and care is everything to some, but it never fails to break my heart. Homelessness can happen to the best of us, and some of the best people I’ve met don’t have a home. I just hope they know their strength give people like me a purpose in life, to help in their journey. I hope they know people do care.

I’ve met homeless people that have an Oxford degree, it really can happen to anyone.

Don’t just awkwardly avoid their eye contact. Sit down and chat, they probably have much more interesting things to say than Facebook.




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