Social Anxiety and the Media

Overcoming social anxiety feels almost impossible.

My anxiety stemmed from low self-esteem which I never realized until recently. Things as simple as answering the phone, door or walking into a room of people. I don’t want to learn how to walk into a room and introduce myself because it scares the shit out of me. Trying to explain social anxiety is too hard to explain to anyone who has never suffered anxiety in this way and I don’t blame anyone for not understanding. Realistically, you wouldn’t tell a patient with cancer to ‘get over it’ or ‘just do it’, and as much as you won’t believe, it’s the same for mental health. With that being said there’s definitely something to be said for helping people but making them push their boundaries slightly but this only works if it’s someone that understands your mind and that you trust. Otherwise, shut it. 


Knowledge is power, not academically but through experience. Every time you’re exposed to something unfamiliar something unlocks in your brain that opens it out to more opportunity. I try my best to seize every opportunity of meeting new people and seeing new things. Which is easier said than done when you’re anxious. I want to meet new people and go to new places but something in my head tells me I will get attacked, or even die. I know it sounds pathetic, but I know so many others. It’s who you know, as opposed to what you know. 


I hate social media, ironic, but true.

I know it massively increases social anxiety. We are learning how to type not talk and text not converse. I am fully aware that right now, I am typing on a social media-based platform. I’ve deleted my Facebook multiple times to try and stay disconnected but the last time I did I realized how much of a necessity it actually was in my life. I needed to be following my course’s Facebook group for updates, had photos only stored on Facebook that I needed, realized I barely have people’s numbers anymore and before I knew it I had fallen back into the trap. It took me a day. Watch Black Mirror if you’re interested in the revolution of technology and how it’s poisoning us.


As much as the stigma and society tells me anxiety is shameful or embarrassing, I am going to continue to talk about it. SPEAK UP.


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