FIRST VIDEO and the dancers I dance with

Billie’s amazing choreography.

I thought it was about time I posted a video of me actually dancing, and when I got to Uni today to hear my teacher was ill, a perfect opportunity.

I dance with 4 other people. Tash; to the untrained eye, shy and quiet but actually loves heavy metal and had a fat tattoo on her hips, who’d of thought it. She specializes in contemporary and has trained in Ballet Jazz and Tap previously, her technique is amazing. Sanica; possibly one of the sassiest girls I’ve ever met, who’s always jokes and I could laugh with for hours. Sanica specializes in commercial/dance hall. Billie; Billies peng and doesn’t realize how good she is. She specializes in commercial but you’d think she specializes in contemporary too. And Chase; Sick at break-dancing, so specializes in social dances/breaking. Chase is also jokes but doesn’t get my sense of humor/sarcasm so often leaves me in a quiet awkward silence to explain what was supposed to be a joke. Then enough room for me, specialize in commercial and hip-hop and am massively improving in technique.



This term we’ve become a company, a unit. We work through together, keeping each other motivated or offer ourselves as comfort when needed. A dance company is more intense that you could ever imagine. They aren’t colleagues, as colleagues you get the privilege of having a desk each, a computer each or at least a chair each. We share a studio every lesson, standing on the same floor, listening to the same music over and over again and spend most of our time very close to each other (physically- literally in each others faces or even making contact) and are in constant requirement to work together. We all get on so well even if we do have hiccups and I’m so lucky with the people I fell with, they could be anyone… 


This is Billie, Tash and Me. And I can’t give enough credit to Billie who choreographed this last night, in her room, with tonsillitis and taught it to us this morning. I am literally in love with this choreography. Also bear in mind, we learnt this ten minutes before the filming of it… SO UPSET ABOUT THE QUALITY. Also imagine this in two weeks time, after a lot more rehearsal. Cred to Bil x











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