A human’s shelf-life (2 min)

The ‘average’ lifespan of a human is 954 months– 79.5 years. Again, on average, we sleep 318 months of this time.

Leaving you with 363 months alive and awake.

If by law, you’ve stayed in education until 16 and continued on to college like the majority of kids do, you’ll of spent 15 years in education; 60 months.

Now were on 303 months to live.

If working a standard eight hour a day job, generally from the age you leave education to when you retire; around 65, and including a week holiday a year you spend 128 months working.

With 175 months left to life.

Averagely lets say 20 minutes on the toilet per day/night, over 80 years it sums up to roughly 13 months and 1 week.

Leaving you with 161 months and 3 weeks.

The average time spent eating in your life time is 6 years (for me I’d say double).

Now your left with 136 months and 3 weeks to live.

This doesn’t include being ill, travelling, having children, rest time, getting dressed and undressed, house work or any other things you get caught up in during daily life. Or the pure fact that you could die tomorrow

So live doing something you love.

See the world and do good things. Have more than an old Facebook account as evidence you existed.

Only recently have I started realising that life is short, really short so I did some research into how short it actually is. I have also learnt that you get out what you put in and that nothing comes without hard-work, and we design our own fate.

If you want something and have passion for it, do it.


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