10 Things I’m Trying to Cut Down On

I’m sure there’s a few things we could all cut down on. Here’s a few of mine:

    1. Sugar

I could always do with cutting down sugar.

    2. Finding the good (too much good)

I don’t like the think that ‘bad’ people exist, but they do. I think everybody is born good, it just depends on their upbringing, nurture over nature 100%. Therefore I have the ability to find empathy for a serial killer or find logic behind giving a terrorist a second chance. But actually I need to come to terms with the fact that maybe bad people do exist, and realise I’m not one of them. People tell me stories of their friends or family really hurting them, but it’s almost as if I refuse to empathise with the one telling the story and always flip the coin. I always see the story from the other persons viewpoint and actually empathise with them more. I need to cut that out. Cut out finding the good (not altogether).

    3. Holding onto grudges

What is the point in grudges? The person you have a grudge for has probably moved on and hasn’t thought about you since, and if they have, who cares. Life’s too short for grudges, you will gain nothing other than negative energy and actually loose more yourself than the person you’re angry with. I’m slowly learning, cut out the grudges. 

    4. Being sarcastic


I am so sarcastic. My humour is sarcastic and 50% of the things I say aloud are too. I have recently realised that some people find it rude and actually really annoying. How annoying that when you ask a question you don’t get a straight reply. Sarcasm actually really annoys me sometimes and I’m going to cut it out (slightly). But then again, if they find it annoying they can talk to someone else..

    5. Trying to get everything done and rushing my life

I need to stop worrying about my life’s fate. I need to become grounded, mindful and live each day by day. I have a habit of looking into the future, with my anxiety lens and worry about not being where I want to be in 5/10 years time. I need to realise that the harder I work today, the happier I will be this time next year or in ten years time (or at least left feeling fulfilled). Focus on today, there’s nothing more important.

I write these in the least pretentious way possible. Take what you can from my own experiences.


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