Work, conditioned, pay taxes, die – The Education System

From the age of 5 we are conditioned and held the restraints current society.

We are put in uniforms, sat in rows and taught to be exactly the same as the others around us. We are codified to be how society want us to be before we even know how to read the terms and conditions. We should know ‘who we are’ a long time before we are 21 and in desperation to ‘find ourselves’.

I don’t underestimate how valuable English, Maths, Sciences and History etc are, however the curriculum is missing some vital knowledge we need in real-life. People leave secondary school with no idea how to use a washing machine, how to change a lightbulb or what taxes are all about.

Psychology should be compulsory and should be taught about as thoroughly as the physical body is in Biology. It’s the most human subject yet the least discussed. The more educated the nation is on mental health, the better we can understand it and therefore begin to treat it together. It would save lives.

Bullying is inevitable in educational facilities. But surely if there was no code to go by in the first place, if everyone was encouraged and praised for being unique and themselves from a young age, there would be no boundaries of ‘normal’? Surely then when you did go of the radar and expressed yourself it wouldn’t matter because that’s what everyone does?

Kids get so anxious of school and not fitting in at a young age and will go to extents to do so.

But then why would they change things? They’ve got us right where it’s convenient. Born, conditioned, work and pay taxes, die. And the cycle continues.

We’re so lucky to have the opportunity of education but being so lucky surely we should do something good with this privilege.

I have changed my blog name to The Mind of Mia, I felt as though it was more suitable to my posts as I’ve written nothing about dance.


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