You literally feel satisfied the second you walk out of the airport.

Berlin is hands-down the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Granted, I haven’t been to many places but it blew my mind.



Berlin felt like Bristol is a slightly parallel universe. The atmosphere was similar, multi-cultural, brightly-coloured and bouncing with energy.

It’s architecture was what struck me first. All the buildings are massive. Tall and wide with hundreds of windows, often with intricate window frames and a contrasting colour against the bright walls. Next to an ancient, historical building will be placed an even taller, wider glass buildings, presumably offices. The contrast in design leaves Berlin looking alternative and ‘edgy’.

I learnt so much more about the Holocaust which is no longer a boring history lesson  barely remember, it was so real and you can feel it there. There’s a sense of pride and the feeling of overcoming something huge.

Berlin is way ahead of us. All the technology, the systems (roads etc) is advanced and makes you wonder ‘how have we not thought of that yet?’.

A bottle of beer is around £2 and the food portions are HUGE for almost nothing.

Due to their vast amount of space, even in the busiest hours, you’re unlikely to come within a metre of another person. The pavements are wide, almost as wide as the roads making the streets feel spacious and much safer. Although remembering to check the opposite side of the road for cars was difficult, we all nearly died about ten times.

Our hostel was around £9 a night with spotless, large rooms. Towels, a 24h bar (dangerous) and a completely free amazing breakfast. Everyone’s new so everyone’s chatty and wants to hear about where you’re from. It was boiling everyday.

We visited dance show at a beautiful theatreworkshops, and got hammered in a typical 90’s-esque Berlin bar that stank of stale smoke and was filled with people covered in piercings and tattoos. We did not fit it. None the less we wanted to feel cultured and so stumbled in looking out of place and to our surprise, to meet some of the nicest people I met there.

The graffiti is even better than Bristol and everyone looks SO trendy.



I’ve decided to move there in 2019 to complete my degree and become a dancer in Germany. Everything’s better there!

My only advise is do not fly with a hangover.

Alcohol anxiety got the better of me and I spent the 2 hour journey home convinced of our death.




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