Do you rate vloggers? As I understand most people can’t be bothered to read these which to be honest, I probably wouldn’t either.



You literally feel satisfied the second you walk out of the airport.

Berlin is hands-down the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Granted, I haven’t been to many places but it blew my mind.

Pina Bausch – How she changed ‘dance’ forever

A quick analysis on a genius


Work, conditioned, pay taxes, die – The Education System

From the age of 5 we are conditioned and held the restraints current society. We are put in uniforms, sat in rows and taught to be exactly the same as the others around us. We are codified to be how society want us to be before we even know how to read the terms and conditions. We should know ‘who we are’ a long time before we are 21 and in desperation to ‘find ourselves’.


Name Change

Name and layout change.


A Hectic Trip to Newport

I began playing I-spy a sober man, eye-spy a girl wearing anything but McKenzie and it proved harder than I expected. I started off actually feeling completely intimidated by the place and felt like I had a sign above my head; ‘I’m not from round here’… …I spotted some dank ‘95’s on a girl nearby wearing red and black leggings, looking creative. I sat next to her on something she’d assumed as a bench and she then commented on my trainers. We sat together on the train and chatted about conspiracies, the corrupt government, feminism and hip-hop. Her name was Olivia and we exchanged numbers.


10 Things I’m Trying to Cut Down On

I am so sarcastic. My humour is sarcastic and 50% of the things I say aloud are too. I have recently realised that some people find it rude and actually really annoying. How annoying that when you ask a question you don’t get a straight reply.


A human’s shelf-life (2 min)

The ‘average’ lifespan of a human is 954 months- 79.5 years. Again, on average, we sleep 318 months of this time. Leaving you with 363 months alive and awake.


FIRST VIDEO and the dancers I dance with

I dance with 4 other people. Tash; to the untrained eye, shy and quiet but actually loves heavy metal and had a fat tattoo on her hips, who’d of thought it. She specializes in contemporary and has trained in Ballet Jazz and Tap previously, her technique is amazing. Sanica; possibly one of the sassiest girls I’ve ever met, who’s always jokes and I could laugh with for hours.


Dear Amy- A book worth reading

I began and finished this book yesterday, if you’re into Psychological thrillers you’ll enjoy this book.