Are they really your friends?

Do they only need you when they’re down? Could you rely on them to listen and advice when you needed them? 


Social Anxiety and the Media

My anxiety stemmed from low self-esteem which I never realized until recently. Things as simple as answering the phone, door or walking into a room of people. I don’t want to learn how to walk into a room and introduce myself because it scares the shit out of me.

Homelessness Awareness

I’ve met homeless people that have an Oxford degree, it really can happen to anyone. Don’t just awkwardly avoid their eye contact. Sit down and chat, they probably have much more interesting things to say than Facebook.

A day down Gloucester Road in – Bristol

I wanted to write down prices and take photos of the charity shops we found the clothes in, in attempt to prove to everyone you can get the same stuff you buy in department/vintage stores whilst donating to charity, for a fraction of the price. It was an off day and we found virtually nothing but these things happen, maybe next time.